“The new SmartMusic provides a greater level of accessibility to my students. Anyone with a Windows computer, Mac computer, Chromebook, or iPad is able to access assignments and benefit from this valuable software. The newest addition of the Sight Reading Builder is revolutionary!”

Justin Pierce // Assistant Professor in Instrumental Music // Oklahoma Baptist University

“Smartmusic has been part of my orchestra program for over 5 years. I first started using the classic version and went to the web-based once it was available. The quality of the playing tests are so much better with the web-based version than the classic. I can really hear how students are playing the assignments. The other feature that I really like with the web-based is the practice analysis. Being able to track my students usage on Smartmusic has really helped each of them individually reach their playing goals. Thank you, SmartMusic, for providing this great tool for music students and teachers.”

Melissa Clark // String Teacher Grades 4-8 // Lawrence Township Public Schools

“The new SmartMusic is much better than the older classic SmartMusic. Using the Sight Reading Builder we were able to double the number of students we had from our district in the all-state bands.”

J. Kelly Diamond // Band Teacher // Georgetown Middle School

Elisa Jones

“SmartMusic has been an essential tool for motivating and guiding at-home practice for my private students, school students, and even my own kids. With count-offs and practice loop capabilities, SmartMusic helps them focus in on the sections they need to work on while developing their practice-time discipline.”

Elisa Jones // Music Teacher
Holy Family Catholic School

Dan Pinkston

“What’s worked really well in the new SmartMusic for us has been the accessibility. To have kids be able to come down at any time to work on their assignments, to be able to take their Chromebooks in, to be able to use an iPad, the kids having access to the software on anything has been such a huge help to get them to be more engaged and involved.”

Dan Pinkston // Band Director
Monarch K-8

Katie Wardrobe

“The new SmartMusic is a fantastic time-saving tool for music teachers. Because it allows independent student learning of techniques and musical works and provides them with constructive feedback, it lets teachers get on with using group ensemble time for truly effective rehearsals. The customisable assessment options also allow teachers to streamline their grading process and increase productivity.”

Katie Wardrobe // Music Technology Trainer & Consultant
Midnight Music

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Mike Gibson

“In an ever expanding digital learning world, I have found SmartMusic give the music teacher a platform to digitally guide and assess students’ musical learning. The speed at which our kids learn the material has greatly increased.”

Mike Gibson // Director of Bands
Ridgeview Middle School

Ted Scalzo

“The rubric system that has been created in the new SmartMusic is beyond the traditional “Cube” with locked in criteria. This new system allows the teacher to be more deliberate and focused with directed feedback. An instructor has flexibility like never before, speeding up the process of creating meaningful instruction. Evaluation criteria can be singular or multi tiered as needed. This new system goes beyond what we have grown accustomed to.”

Ted Scalzo // Adjunct Professor (Retired)
Hofstra University

Asa Burk

“Students are really excited about learning music when SmartMusic is involved. It is one of the most engaging, efficient, and versatile music teaching tools out there.”

Asa Burk // Associate Director of Bands
Argyle High School

Kevin Mead

“I love the enjoyment my students get from playing along with high quality musicians in the privacy of the practice room or in their own homes. I use the program to accumulate data on each student’s performance in order to aid my individualized curricular decisions.”

Kevin Mead // High School Band Director
Churchville-Chili Senior High

Jared Cassedy

“SmartMusic has enabled my students to engage in their own individual practice sessions in a more meaningful way! They are given a wealth of feedback and have a tremendous amount of resources just at the click of a button.”

Jared Cassedy // 2015 Music Educator Grammy Award Winner
Windham School District