The SmartMusic Teacher Appreciation Awards recognize dedicated music educators who make a difference for their students. These teachers are committed to making sure their students have access to the best music technology tools, and are using SmartMusic to help give students feedback, track progress, and discover music. These are the teachers to learn from – and keep your eye on. Read their stories to discover what sets these educators apart.

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Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Jay Clanin

Trail Ridge Middle School

Jay uses his SmartMusic subscription to the fullest. He assigns students material from methods, concert repertoire, and his own uploaded creations, including pop music themes. He carefully tracks each student’s progress using the gradebook, separating out woodwinds and brass into separate classes to better differentiate assignments. Because Jay layers these assignments together, his students can see the skills from the method book apply to their other music.

One of our favorite things about Jay is that he’s always ready and willing to contribute to SmartMusic’s future, showing us ways we can make SmartMusic a better tool for both teachers and students.

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Outstanding District Implementation

Susan Barnard

Tigard-Tualatin School District

There’s a lot that goes into an entire district getting started with SmartMusic, and much of that work rests on the technology department. Susan helped lead her district through the process and helped make sure each teacher was supported heading into the school year.

In TTSD, some teachers were getting started with web-based SmartMusic after a long history with classic, while others were totally new to SmartMusic. Susan organized an in-person training with the MakeMusic education team, and helped make sure that lines of communication stayed open so that teachers got the resources they needed. We’re always ready to help districts get started, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with Susan and the teachers in TTSD.

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Rookie of the Year

Michelle Warshany

NC Virtual Academy

Our “Rookie of the Year” award for 2019 is a unique case – not only did Michelle Warshany start using SmartMusic for the first time this year, she did it entirely in a virtual classroom! Michelle’s dedication and passion were on display as she got started distributing SmartMusic assignments to students without being in the same room.

Michelle set ambitious goals, especially considering she isn’t in a traditional classroom setting, and we’re excited to see what’s next for her and her students!

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Most Assignments Sent

Alex Gonzalez

Roy J. Smith Middle School

Alex has taken the concept of playing tests to another level, and he’s using SmartMusic to do it! Students at Roy J. Smith Middle School submit SmartMusic assignments over the course of three years to earn “Band Bands” that can be redeemed for prizes at graduation. Alex uses a wide range of musical material to keep students engaged and pursuing a long-term goal.

Using SmartMusic to build a complete curriculum helps students take ownership of their own progress, and Alex’s “Band Bands” are a great example.

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Outstanding In-Class Use of SmartMusic

Melissa Clark

Lawrence Township Public Schools

Melissa is constantly projecting SmartMusic on-screen for her students in class, offering visual reinforcement, modeling how they should use it at home, and making rehearsals more exciting.

We love how she’s taking SmartMusic beyond assessment and integrating it into her rehearsal. Best of all, she shows off her students’ skills and practice on Twitter. Students at Lawrence Intermediate and Middle School go beyond simply playing along with SmartMusic – their rehearsals include body percussion, air bowing, and other techniques to help them internalize the music.

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Most Uploaded Content

Steven Silva, Rudolfo Noriega, Rachel Roberman

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

Earlier this school year, we fully integrated Compose into SmartMusic, and added content management tools so that all the music you upload to SmartMusic – or create with Compose – can be easily managed, assigned, and edited.

No one took better advantage of these new features than the teachers in Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. They’ve uploaded solos, scales, tests, and audition music for their students, giving them the power to customize their assignments and curriculum within SmartMusic so that their students get exactly what they need.