The SmartMusic Teacher Appreciation Awards recognize dedicated music educators who make a difference for their students. These teachers are committed to making sure their students have access to the best music technology tools, and are using SmartMusic to help give students feedback, track progress, and discover music. These are the teachers to learn from – and keep your eye on. Read their stories to discover what sets these educators apart.

award winners

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Outstanding Use of SmartMusic

Leslie Cohen

South Windsor Public Schools

Leslie gets the most from her SmartMusic subscription. She assigns her students complete units with well-organized assignments and clear rubrics. Structuring her SmartMusic assignments means that students know what to expect – and can live up to those expectations. As a result, Leslie sees a great submission rate and excellent SmartMusic scores.

One of our favorite things about Leslie is that she’s never afraid to give us tips. She’s a constant advocate for her students, letting us know how we can make SmartMusic a better tool for her and for others.

Outstanding District Implementation

Outstanding District Implementation

Jessica Allen, Amanda Boer, Debi Pellkofer, and Katie Browne

Carlsbad Unified School District

Educators use SmartMusic in different ways depending on what their students need, and we’re happy to support teachers whether they want to encourage consistent home practice, give assessments, or provide in-class aids to students.

The teachers in Carlsbad Unified School District do all of the above across grade levels and with different types of ensembles. Jessica Allen uses SmartMusic’s analytics tool to help track her high school orchestra students’ practice time. Katie Browne uses SmartMusic to assess her beginning band students’ progress in their method book. Amanda Boer has both band and orchestra classes and uses SmartMusic for both. We love how these teachers are using SmartMusic in different ways across their district to make sure that students at every campus are getting what they need.

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Matthew Fang

Travis Ranch Middle School

Our “Rookie of the Year” award goes to Matthew Fang, who started using SmartMusic for the first time this school year and saw his students improve as a result. Getting started with a new piece of technology in your classroom can be stressful, but the results are worth it. Matthew was in an even tougher spot – this was his first year at Travis Ranch Middle School.

Instead of settling in his first year, Matthew set big goals for his students, sending assessments through SmartMusic using it throughout the school year. We’re looking forward to working with Matthew (and his students) again in his second year with SmartMusic.

Most Assignments Sent

Most Assignments Sent

David Iacoviello

Mahwah Township Public Schools

All music teachers need to track student progress and encourage student growth, whether by building a culture of consistent practice or by gathering valuable assessment data. SmartMusic’s web-based assignments can help with both, and no one sent more assignments to students this school year than David Iacoviello. David’s assignments help make sure students get consistent feedback and help set clear practice goals.

Not every assignment needs to be a major grade. David’s given students regular sight reading exercises, sight singing exercises, and technique reinforcement in SmartMusic to keep their skills sharp.

Outstanding In-Class Use of SmartMusic

Outstanding In-Class Use of SmartMusic

Avious Jackson

Mason Middle School

While many teachers use SmartMusic to assess their students and encourage home practice, it’s also a powerful rehearsal tool.

Avious Jackson and the staff at Mason Middle School use SmartMusic in rehearsal to provide musical context with accompaniments and access the built-in tuner and metronome. Teachers can always use another resource to keep students engaged in class and make rehearsal productive, and we love that the Mason band faculty have SmartMusic in their toolbox. Experiment with SmartMusic to find how it works best for you.

Most Uploaded Content

Most Uploaded Content

Amanda Buchholz

North Oldham High School

SmartMusic’s content uploader means you can always give your students the right music to practice – even if it’s not already among the thousands of pieces in the SmartMusic library.

Amanda deserves a shout-out for uploading more music than any other educator this school year. When we told her she was getting this award she wrote back, “Most of my uploads are just scales and exercises.” That sounds pretty good to us. Whether you want your scales in a particular format, or just want to put your favorite chorale into SmartMusic, giving your students access to the music they play every day means they’ll be improving that much faster. Amanda’s getting great results with this approach.


Outstanding Forum Community User

Mark White

Marlton Middle School

SmartMusic educators aren’t shy about sharing, whether that’s on Facebook, at music educator conferences, or on our community forums. Our forums are a great way to see what’s coming up on our feature roadmap, tell us what we should add next, or access help resources for you and your students.

You can also chat with other SmartMusic educators like Mark White. Mark’s a forum master who is always ready to lend a hand, suggest an improvement to SmartMusic, or point folks in the right direction. We rely on feedback from educators like Mark and truly value his contributions to SmartMusic’s development.