essential practice tools

Student practice doesn’t end with sight reading. SmartMusic allows you to support and track student progress through the entire journey, whether they’re playing with you in class or at home.

SmartMusic’s essential practice tools put a great rehearsal at your fingertips. Access to a metronome, tuner, and thousands of professional reference recordings means you can provide the reinforcement your students need in the moment. Project exercises for the whole class to reinforce rhythmic concepts and encourage active listening.

immediate feedback

When students leave rehearsal, SmartMusic provides them the feedback they need to keep improving. In addition to exercises from the Sight Reading Builder, you can assign exercises, methods, and concert repertoire from among the thousands of choices in the SmartMusic library. Students receive immediate feedback on pitch and rhythm, and can submit their best recording back to you.

personalized learning process

Student recordings come straight to your gradebook. You get a clear picture of every step of the learning process – and can demonstrate how far your students have come. Best of all, you can give personalized feedback to every student, ensuring that you reach every member of your ensemble.

Per student pricing ensures there’s a plan for any class size, level, or budget. Get a quote today!