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SmartMusic is a great way to engage your students.
But don’t just take our word for it.

“SmartMusic has enabled my students to engage in their own individual practice sessions in a more meaningful way! They are given a wealth of feedback and have a tremendous amount of resources just at the click of a button.”

Jared Cassedy, 2015 Music Educator Grammy Award Winner, Director of Bands and Director of K-12 Fine Arts, Windham School District, Windham, NH

“My students who consistently use SmartMusic, progress much quicker and they are enjoying practicing and performing with SmartMusic.”
David Hall, Band Director, Santa Fe Christian Schools, Solana Beach, CA

“The SmartMusic Gradebook keeps the process organized and allows me the flexibility to weight my review of a student’s recorded performance vs. SmartMusic’s built-in assessment.”
Brent Comeau, Director of Bands, Woodbury High School, Woodbury, MN

“Our students are playing at a higher level because SmartMusic is holding them accountable for correct notes, rhythm, and tempo.”
Danielle Boor, Band Director, Hopkins West Junior High, Minnetonka, MN

“In this age of technology, the kids immediately respond to this program. They get immediate feedback where they can SEE what they played wrong and they can record and hear themselves. It frees up a lot of class time.”
Kimberly Farrell, Choir/Orchestra director, Miller Middle School, Durango, CO

“The SmartMusic program is a great way to motivate my students when they are away from the classroom. I am very impressed that my students can play along with high-quality band recordings at any tempo and loop difficult sections of music!”
Scott McKee, Managing Director, American Band College and Director of the Willamette Valley Honor Band, Ashland, OR

“Students are really excited about learning music when SmartMusic is involved. It is one of the most engaging, efficient, and versatile music teaching tools out there.”
Asa Burk, Director of Bands, Cross Timbers Middle School, Grapevine, TX

“It is useful for students of any age/level and makes assessment very easy for teachers. It is by far the most valuable purchase you will make for yourself and your students!”
Danny Orrantia, Band Director, Evergreen High School Vancouver, WA

“I love the enjoyment my students get from playing along with high quality musicians in the privacy of the practice room or in their own homes. I use the program to accumulate data on each student’s performance in order to aid my individualized curricular decisions.”
Kevin Mead, High School Band Director, Churchville-Chili Senior High, Churchville, NY

“It is worth the time, energy, money, or anything else that it may take to get your students involved in using SmartMusic.”
Ben Jones, Band Director, Fort Johnson Middle School, Charleston, SC

“I love the immediate feedback my students receive from the SmartMusic assessment and the fact that I can immediately send the assessment sound file to their parents. That is very powerful.”
Louis Covelli, Director Of Bands/Music Chair, George N. Tremper High School, Kenosha, WI

“Parents have commented to me that their children have never practiced so much in their lives!”
Carrie Provost, Orchestra Teacher, Franklin Middle School, Wheaton, IL

“SmartMusic revolutionizes practice time and makes you a better musician! Being able to see your assessment before your eyes and hear your performance with great accompaniments is THE way to have an incredible time practicing your instrument!”
Douglas Brasell, National Director, All National Music, Foley, AL

“The e-mail features have been unbelievable. It has given my students the opportunity to let their grandparents, uncles, and cousins hear their playing and improvement throughout the year.”
Jeanne Kauffman, Elementary String Teacher, Lakeview Elementary School, Robbinsdale, MN

“The opportunity to hear my choral students sing individually is a very useful assessment tool. I am getting to know my singers strengths and needs so I can build a better program.”
Tina Harris, Choral Director, St. Francis High School, Sacramento, CA

“I also use SmartMusic as an outstanding tool for collaborative learning while we meet as entire ensembles. Whether this is through the use of rhythm exercises or practicing jazz improvisation, the program motivates the students to work as cohesive unit!”
Jared Cassedy, 2015 Music Educator Grammy Award Winner, Director of Bands and Director of K-12 Fine Arts, Windham School District, Windham, NH.

“SmartMusic is a very innovative way to get students to understand what things they are missing and provides a fun way to practice. It has given me another tool to add to my bag of tricks as a music teacher.”
Levi Dressler, 5-6 Grade Band Director, Grinnell Middle School, Grinnell, IA