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SmartMusic For Educators

Connect with every student, every day.

SmartMusic transforms the way students practice and learn. This interactive tool, used by music educators across the country to enhance their programs, provides a way to dramatically improve students’ skills. As students play along with music onscreen, SmartMusic gives them immediate feedback on their performance by showing correct pitches and rhythms in green and incorrect in red. They are also able to hear their part in context with SmartMusic’s background accompaniment of a full ensemble.

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With SmartMusic, you also have the ability to create and send assignments to each of your students. And since you can easily follow, document and grade their progress, individualized instruction and evidence of student achievement all become a reality.

SmartMusic extends your reach as a music educator–letting you spend more time teaching music.


With SmartMusic you can easily:

  • Create and send assignments that students can do at home with a student subscription, or with a practice room subscription at school. Student subscriptions are just $40 per year. Practice room subscriptions are $44.
  • Track, collect audio recordings, grade, and learn more about each student’s progress.
  • Create a portfolio of each student’s work to share during parent/teacher conferences.
  • Document achievement and measure student growth.


SmartMusic also helps with assessment and documentation:

To address evolving assessment and accountability requirements, SmartMusic automates administrative tasks and offers these solutions to provide you with more time to teach the art of making music:

  • Document proof of student achievement, making it possible to assess and document student growth.
  • Assign practice reports. SmartMusic tracks the time students spend practicing.
  • Create and share assignments with other teachers. Online assignment libraries make it easy to share ideas with colleagues in your district or state.
  • Parents can log in to view their child’s grades and listen to recordings.

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