SmartMusic TEACH


SmartMusic TEACH is a platform that includes all the tools needed to:

  • Create classes
  • Enroll students
  • Send assignments (with full access to the SmartMusic library)
  • Utilize full gradebook functionality

To get you started, SmartMusic TEACH includes access for up to 3 teachers, and up to 50 students who can access any music assigned to them.

Additional students can be added in blocks of 5 for $40/year.
Additional teachers can be added for $40/year.

Unlimited Student Access

With SmartMusic TEACH, your students can access any music you assign to them. With the addition of PLAY Plus you unlock student access so they can explore the entire SmartMusic repertoire library themselves. This access can be purchased by either the school or the student.

School-Paid Subscriptions

Educators can add PLAY Plus – for some or all of their students – for just $20/year per student. This pricing is available only when subscriptions are purchased by a school on behalf of students. For details, contact your sales representative.

Individual Student-Paid Subscriptions

Parents and students can purchase PLAY Plus subscriptions individually for $40/year. These subscriptions are available only to students enrolled in a SmartMusic class, and are purchased from within SmartMusic. Learn more.

Pricing for any Class

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