The Three Pillars of a Great Music Program

Three Pillars of a Great Music Program by Bob Phillips

The goal of every music teacher is, or should be, to involve the maximum number of students in the music program. This starts with a well-thought-out recruiting and retention strategy that involves all disciplines within the program; band, orchestra and choir. Teachers must cooperate to create a highly effective and complete program.

Beginning Low Brass with High Standards

Heather Ewer Blog Post 2

A beginning band is a smorgasbord of instruments. A lot of special care and attention are required for every student. I am a young teacher who cannot solve the pedagogy puzzles behind each individual instrument, but, as a dedicated tuba player, I can give you is some insight into your low brass beginners and share tricks that will help them see success in their first few years of playing.

Meet SmartMusic Engineer Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson is a software engineer at MakeMusic where he works his programming magic on both the SmartMusic application and the SmartMusic websites. In addition to being an experienced programmer, Mike brings a deep music background and a great sense of humor to work every day.

James Lund: What instruments do you play?