Improved Student Experience

Improved Student Experience

The new SmartMusic is in the cloud. This means it supports the devices students use today, including Chromebooks, iPads, and computers. What’s more, students can connect from different locations and devices using one account. There is no longer an excuse for not practicing – because they can do it anywhere.

The redesigned SmartMusic is easier for students to navigate and use. It’s more intuitive. When a student wants to start at measure 21, they click on measure 21. When they want to hear a note, they simply click on the note. To hear the piece, they can now press “Play” without having to record.

Music automatically reflows to fit the screen of whatever devices your students are using. They can also zoom in or out in order to see the music better.

Looping a section is as easy as selecting “Loop,” clicking where you want to begin, and dragging the handle where you want it to end.

Addressing Student Learning Styles

Student Learning Styles

Now your students can choose to:

  • Hear their part played by their instrument rather than a piano.
  • See a count-off for multi-measure rests.
  • Hear more or less of the accompaniment, their part, or the metronome.
  • Control whether the measure being played is highlighted, whether or not to view the cursor, and if the cursor flows or moves beat-by-beat.

Student Feedback

Student Feedback

Your students will receive better feedback, more quickly:

  • The new Perc./Clap Mode ensures that percussion instruments are more accurately assessed, and lets you turn any content into a rhythmic exercise.
  • Students are now assessed on both passes of repeated sections.
  • Students can view assessment of their performance immediately and can turn the visual assessment off.

Plus, built-in microphones are now supported. Check out this article for an in-depth look at submitting assignments as a student.

Explore the new SmartMusic for free!

Enhanced Teacher Experience

Enhanced Teacher Experience

The new Gradebook allows educators to create their own rubrics and to more easily distribute, grade, and document assignments. Easy to comprehend at a glance, different colors represent different grade percentages, allowing you to immediately see what worked – or didn’t, for each assignment and student.

Creating music for assignments is now easier than ever, too. The new SmartMusic can import MusicXML files created by hundreds of music programs, including yours.

Built-in Notation Tool

Student Feedback

Edit uploaded MusicXML or create new music from scratch with the online notation tool built into SmartMusic. Everything you produce, from a single line exercise to a full ensemble, can be assigned to your classes with one click.

Plus, built-in microphones are now supported.

Check out this article for an in-depth look at submitting assignments as a student.

Now you can create a custom rubric using any criteria you want, and use it for any assignments you create. You can add multiple levels to a criterion and control what percentage each level awards.

Ted Scalzo

The rubric (evaluations criteria) system that has been created in the new SmartMusic is beyond the traditional “Cube” with locked in criteria. This new system allows the teacher to be more deliberate and focused with directed feedback. An instructor has flexibility like never before, speeding up the process of creating meaningful instruction. Evaluation criteria can be singular or multi tiered as needed. This new system goes beyond what we have grown accustomed to.

Ted Scalzo // Acclaimed music educator

Assignment Templates

Every assignment you create is now saved as an Assignment Template, which can be edited, assigned, or organized into Units. Create templates of all assignments and simply edit the parameters of each without having to recreate it from scratch, and use Units to send a group of assignments en masse to students.


Pricing Information

Best of all, the new SmartMusic is priced to make it accessible for every student!

  • Anyone can try SmartMusic free with all their students
  • Per-student pricing plans give you and your students access to SmartMusic’s vast content library

Learn how the new SmartMusic is priced to work for any program here

Explore the new SmartMusic for free!

Expanded Administrative Visibility

Administrator Options

With the new SmartMusic administrators have more control and visibility.
They can:

  • See how many seats have been purchased and how many are in use by specific teachers and/or students.
  • See how many classes have been created and how many students are enrolled.
  • Control the allocation of seats to specific teachers.

Always Improving!

We continue to refine and improve the new SmartMusic, from enhancing the way notation appears on the screen to adding features. Because it’s in the cloud you enjoy these improvements immediately, without having to download an update.

In addition to continually growing our repertoire library, recent additions include:

  • The ability to import full scores via MusicXML with high-quality accompaniment playback via the Garritan Instrument Library
  • Unit creation and management
  • The ability to reassign submitted assignments

Users of the new SmartMusic are encouraged to submit and vote on feature requests. Top ranking feature requests are added to our roadmap which details what’s underway today, as well as what is on the horizon.

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