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SmartMusic is the leading browser-based music education platform that connects teachers and students from the cloud to the classroom. It facilitates focused practice, assessment, and immediate feedback, making the link between educator and student even more powerful.

SmartMusic’s Practice App facilitates immediate feedback on students’ individual performances through an algorithmic assessment of note pitch, rhythm, and duration. Students will simultaneously receive contextual reference from professionally-recorded accompaniments. The built-in metronome, tuner, looping tools, and fingerings are all available to aid student progress.

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Track student progress with the built-in Gradebook where you can access student recordings, assignments, performance scores, practice analytics, and provide students feedback. Rubrics can be customized with criteria that caters to your curriculum, and assignments can be collected into units and assigned to multiple classes.

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Users with a Print add-on can print from thousands of individual parts directly from the repertoire library, ensuring that there’s a practice solution in place for every educational setting and setup. Students can continue practice without a device or internet connection, take notes on their music, mitigate screen time, and build internal listening and assessment skills.

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Generate an infinite number of sight-reading exercises customized for each of your students’ specific needs. Choose from ten predefined difficulty levels, or individually specify key signatures, time signatures, rhythmic patterns, ranges, and other parameters. You can assign Sight Reading Builder content and SmartMusic will generate a new exercise each time a student loads that assignment.

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Bring your creations to life with Compose, where you can create, edit, import, and share custom music notation projects. Content from Compose can easily be assigned to students and opened in the Practice app with full SmartMusic accompaniment for assessment. With SmartMusic’s Sharing feature, you can send your music privately with individual recipients or publicly with a sharing link.

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SmartMusic is home to the largest interactive and digital sheet music libraries available, with tens of thousands of titles spanning every instrument, ensemble type, skill level, and genre. Repertoire can be saved into Favorites Lists for easy access, or added to custom Playlists curated for any musical occasion.

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SmartMusic works on the devices your students use today—computers, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads, and accounts can be quickly accessed using Single Sign-On through the most popular Learning Management Systems. On-screen colors can be adjusted to ensure that people who see colors differently have equal access to assessment. SmartMusic is fully FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliant, so you and your school never have to worry that student data is unprotected.

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See how SmartMusic’s award-winning suite of tools, game-changing features, and unrivaled repertoire library stack up against products like Noteflight Learn and PracticeFirst.


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This PDF has all the tools and evidence you need to convince your administrator that SmartMusic is the perfect tool for your classroom and students. It includes research, pricing information, and more to help you make your case.

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the largest library in the industry

Each subscription provides access to every title in our unrivaled repertoire library of interactive and digital sheet music.

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For musicians of all kinds and at every level, MakeMusic is the only connected suite of technologies designed to enhance the ability to teach, practice, perform, produce, and compose music. MakeMusic provides solutions that connect teachers with students, composers with performers, and individuals with tools to help guide their musical journey, because connection is what makes music so powerful.

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