SmartMusic on a ChromeBook

effective practice

Immediate feedback

Students see which notes and rhythms they played correctly/incorrectly, receive a performance score, and hear their recording.

Repertoire library

Only SmartMusic includes 95+ method books, 5,400+ ensemble titles and thousands of solos from top publishers.

Practice tools

Vital tools – including a metronome, tuner, and the ability to loop sections – are built in and always close at hand.

Communication loop

Both teachers and students can see each others’ written comments on every assignment and student recording.

SmartMusic on a ChromeBook

assessment support


Track student progress in SmartMusic’s online gradebook, accessing student recordings, assignments, and performance scores.


Customize rubrics with the criteria that matters for your curriculum.


Collect assignments into units, and easily assign those units to multiple classes.


Track student practice time – down to the second – as it happens.

SmartMusic on a ChromeBook

curriculum reinforcement

Professional reference recordings

Provide students with a sense of how their part fits in with the whole and an opportunity to model their performances on those of world-class musicians.

Sight Reading Builder

Instantly create an unlimited number of sight-reading exercises for any type of ensemble or individual instrument.

Compose notation tool

Create your own custom notation from scratch as well as import and export MusicXML files between most popular music notation products.

SmartMusic on a ChromeBook


Computer, Chromebook, and iPad support

SmartMusic works on the devices your students use today.

Colorblind support

Colors adjusted to ensure that people who see colors differently have equal access.


With even a free student version, SmartMusic is priced to be within reach of nearly every program and student.

do more for your students

As you work to transform students into better musicians, you’re also building student confidence that goes far beyond the practice room and concert hall.

Take your students further.

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