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Archived Webinars

Weren't able to attend one of our live webinars? Check out the recordings of our past webinars and virtual events to stay in the loop. Also view our upcoming webinar schedule and register today:

The Frustrations of Teaching Online and What You Can Do About Them

Hear from Elisa Janson Jones as she talks through practical and uplifting ideas in this new world of online teaching. In this free webinar, Elisa will cover meaningful activities for ensembles, balancing doing too much vs. not doing enough, staying connected with your students, and more!

Clinicians: Elisa Janson Jones
Day Recorded: Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Plan Your Year with Units

Every school year and student is different, but your curriculum is often the same over time. Whether you use the same sequence of exercises, warm-ups, scales, and method book lines to teach fundamentals to beginners every year, or have a rotation of pieces that you perform with students on a 3 or 4-year cycle, every assignment you create in SmartMusic becomes a template that is stored and can be assigned or edited at any time. You can even group those templates into units!

Join music educator and SmartMusic clinician, Giovanna Cruz, as she walks through creating and organizing these templates so you can easily plan your year ahead.

Clinician: Giovanna Cruz
Day Recorded: Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Assignment Ideas in SmartMusic That Encourage Musical Curiosity

Join music educator and SmartMusic clinician, Ted Scalzo, as he walks through his strategy to develop musical creativity and curiosity in the classroom – whether you’re teaching virtually or not. In this free webinar, Ted will talk about sight-reading, musical scavenger hunts, pop music, improvisation, and more!

Clinician: Ted Scalzo
Day Recorded: Thursday, August 27th, 2020

Developing a Student Practice Plan for Remote Learning

Hear from directors who have found ways to create successful practice plans for their students in a remote learning environment. In this free webinar, our clinicians will cover their process for creating practice plans for every student age group that will inspire as you prepare for the possibility of a fully virtual or hybrid classroom this fall.

Clinicians: Glenn Pohland, Anthony Granata, and Casey Goryeb
Day Recorded: Friday, August 14th, 2020

Performance Plans for ​Beginning Band Soloists

Introducing beginners to solo repertoire means working with scales, rhythm, range, arpeggios, dynamics, and articulations. These exercises are like the vegetables you eat as part of your balanced diet – but implementing them can be a challenge for the ensemble director, whether they are in a virtual classroom or not! In this webinar, we’ll examine how to select and work through solo repertoire for your students in any classroom environment.

Clinician: Kevin Mead
Day Recorded: Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Virtual Ensemble Solutions

Hear from directors who have found creative ways to bring their ensembles together in virtual environments! In this free webinar, our clinicians cover their successes, challenges, and opportunities that will inspire as you prepare for the possibility of a fully virtual or hybrid classroom this fall.

Clinicians: Michelle Rose, Tony Rogers, and Seth Murphy
Day Recorded: Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

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