This PDF has all the tools and evidence you need to convince your administrator that SmartMusic is the perfect tool for your classroom and students. It includes research, pricing information, and more to help you make your case.

funding your classroom

Ideas for Preparing Budgets for Your Music Department in Today's Climate

Grants + Government

Learn how to apply for grants and access sources of government funding through Title IV and the CARES Act.

Planning a Successful Parent Night

Parents + Fundraising

Create a parent booster group and enlist their help with fundraisers.

music education advocacy

Principals + Administrators

Work with your administration to secure additional budget and get what your program needs.

getting started

New SmartMusic Home Page

Support Resources

We’re here to help!

wrapping up the remote school year

Using SmartMusic Remotely

Learn how to put SmartMusic to work on day one.

SmartMusic Ipad compatibility

How to Buy

Generate an automatic quote in minutes.

making your case

5 Ways to Make Your Classroom a Safe, Inclusive, and Welcoming Space

Advocacy Resources

Spread the word: music education matters.

Proof of Student Outcomes

Academic research makes it clear that SmartMusic helps students learn.

The String Players Reboot – Bob Phillips

Teaching to National Standards

SmartMusic helps you teach using the 2014 National Core Arts Standards.

remote teaching tools

compose yourself

Series to Help You Teach Remotely

Need more material for your remote lesson plans? Check out some of our series to help keep students engaged.

mind body and spirit

Podcasts to Help You Teach Remotely

Listen to the experts when it comes to remote teaching with Music Ed Mentor Podcasts.

Do More with SmartMusic This Year

Articles to Help You Teach Remotely

Transitioning your classroom to be remote is never easy. Explore our blogs to help ease the transition.


work from home

Archived Webinars

Weren’t able to attend one of our live webinars? Check out the recordings of our past webinars and virtual events to stay in the loop.

productive practice

Upcoming Webinars

We are offering several webinars to help music educators adapt to remote learning as well as other topics to help you in the classroom.

why smartmusic

Tips for Teaching and Outreaching from a Distance

How SmartMusic Compares to the Competition

SmartMusic offers a complete solution for teaching remotely, including sight reading, composition, the world’s largest digital sheet music library, and more.

focus content worksheet

Protecting Student Data

We take privacy seriously. Learn more in this post.

SmartMusic and College Aural Skills: An Adventure in Ensuring Practice


Hear from real-world teachers about SmartMusic’s effectiveness.