Wrapping up the year with SmartMusic – Part 2

In last week’s blog, I discussed how SmartMusic can help with concerts, reviews, mastery tests, and other year-end challenges. If you’re like me, in addition to completing these tasks, you’re also thinking ahead about next year too! (Why do we do this to ourselves?)

Here’s a few ways SmartMusic can help you look ahead:

  1. For those students who have SmartMusic at home, consider providing them with a list of activities that can help guide their practice over the summer.
  2. Are your marching band arrangements in Finale? Remember that Finale files can be made into SmartMusic files that your students can practice with and have full SmartMusic functionality. (Did you know several DCI corps use SmartMusic in their preparation?)
  3. With SmartMusic and the Gradebook, you can get a headstart on choosing literature for the upcoming school year by listening to selections and even looking at individual parts for the technical demands.

If you really plan ahead, you might even be thinking about how to present SmartMusic to parents. If so, I want to alert you to some new helpful documents that were just posted on the SmartMusic website. One is a sample script for presenting SmartMusic to parents and the other is a FAQ document to share with parents. They are in PDF format so they are easily downloaded and printed.

To see them go to http://smartmusic.com and select “for Educators”>Resource Center, then click on the “Presenting SmartMusic to Parents and Administrators” link. These two documents will appear at the top of your screen:

Do you have some additional ways that you use SmartMusic as the school year finishes? Let us know by clicking on the “Comments” button below!

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