What is a collection?

You might not hear the word “collection” used often in the context of SmartMusic, but many of you use collections daily. When you’re searching for music and see a little blue book to the left of a title, this indicates that there is an assortment of pieces inside. I’ve circled one in red below: 

A collection is like a listing of all the songs on an album. Opening a collection looks a little different, as you arrive at a different screen, but it more clearly illustrates the organization of the music.

Knowing that collections exist will help when, for example, you run a Quick Search for “Beethoven” and see “Arias for Soprano.” While at first this search result may seem strange, as this title doesn’t mention Beethoven, inside this collection you’ll find one of Beethoven’s arias from Fidelio.

Speaking of collections, we just released “Easy Rock Instrumental Solos” (Alfred Publishing), and I couldn’t resist: I had to play “Stairway to Heaven.”

Ah, to be a rock, and not to roll – indeed.

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