Using SmartMusic’s New Mixing Tools in the Band Room

Using SmartMusic's New Mixing Tools in the Band Room

The new SmartMusic lets you control the balance between a selected instrument and the accompaniment. Dan Pinkston describes how he uses SmartMusic’s new mixing tools with his band students in this week’s video.

As an example, Dan describes how he isolates a countermelody for his flutes. He then slowly brings in the rest of the band. This allows everyone to become aware of the countermelody and to better understand how it fits into the piece as a whole.

In previous videos, Dan talks about what’s working well for his students in the new SmartMusic and he shares more ways he uses it in the band room.

Now you can use SmartMusic in your classroom for as little as $39.99/year, and students start as low as $13.99/year. Best of all, you can try it for free.

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