The Back-to-School SmartMusic Quiz

In the spirit of back-to-school time, this week I offer a brief quiz. Now don’t panic – this won’t effect your final grade! I hope you have fun taking it. I guarantee that after you are done you will know more about the resources that are available to help you with your SmartMusic and Gradebook questions.

True or False

1. There are brief how-to videos at that can help with various topics such as using SmartMusic, Gradebook set-up, Enrolling Students into your Gradebook, and creating assignments for students.

Answer: TRUE – QuickStart Videos are available here. These videos are a super resource for your students and parents as well!

2. The only way to get the latest version of SmartMusic is to call Customer Support or order it online.

Answer: FALSE – There is a link on the SmartMusic homepage to download the latest version.

3. The only way to get help from SmartMusic Customer Support is to call them at 866-240-4041.

Answer: FALSE – You can open a case online by selecting Support>Contact Us and then clicking on Submit your question online. This leads you to the Knowledge Base page (which is another valuable resource). If you don’t find an answer here, click on Submit a Support Case on the left.

4. There are short, informational videos about SmartMusic that I can share with other teachers, parents, students and administrators.

Answer: TRUE – There are four short informative videos available. Some possible uses of showing the videos: SmartMusic demonstration night, at a concert, music department meeting, in the classroom (make it an interactive activity), or to demonstrate SmartMusic to administrators and IT personnel.

5. At there is a section where educators have access to all kinds of helpful, practical information in one place.

Answer: TRUE – At the Resource Center, you have access to practical materials that can help you integrate SmartMusic into your program. This includes a variety of letters created for your use, as well as links to other resources including past issues of SmartNotes, the SmartMusic e-newsletter that contains tips and stories by teachers like you.

6. There is no way to find out how other teachers are using SmartMusic in my state or surrounding area.

Answer: FALSE – The Advocate Map offers instant access to this information. Select a state from the drop-down menu to see a map of current Advocates and an additional menu including the Advocates’ names, schools and communities. Select an Advocate to read about how they’re using SmartMusic. One of the best ways to get information about using SmartMusic in your program is to contact one of these Advocates.

7. Teachers have no input regarding what repertoire goes into SmartMusic.

Answer: FALSE – Educator input is one of the primary factors in determining what repertoire will be added in future versions of SmartMusic.  As a teacher, I requested a concert band title that was put in SmartMusic a few months later. True story!

8. An upgrade to the latest version SmartMusic is unnecessary to use the newest titles in SmartMusic.

Answer: FALSE – SmartMusic 2010 is necessary for all new SmartMusic titles. SmartMusic Updates are free to current subscribers. (See question 2.)

9. Besides this SmartMusic Blog, SmartMusic is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Answer: True – The new Community section of provides links to SmartMusic Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

10. There is no desktop reference guide for SmartMusic and Gradebook available.

Answer: FALSE – Au contraire, mes amis! The SmartMusic Training Guide is available for purchase at the SmartMusic website. It is easy to follow, with step-by-step directions for SmartMusic and Gradebook, a plethora of screenshots, a best practices section of how teachers are incorporating SmartMusic in their curriculum, and more. What do I think of it? I wish it was around years ago so that I could have used it!

Whew! How did you do? I hope you found this information helpful – please let me know what you think.

Until next time, Happy Teaching!


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