Thank You Music Teachers


All of us here at MakeMusic on this National Teacher Appreciation Day, want to say ‘Thank You’ to all teachers for everything that you do.  Today we especially want to send our appreciation to all music teachers.

We know that being a music teacher is more than showing up in the morning, teaching and then leaving in the afternoon. Your job goes beyond just having to know your subject matter; you are a psychologist, counselor, inspirational leader, problem solver, technician, instrument repairman (or woman), volunteer, calendar keeper, fundraising expert and the list goes on. You start your day early, stay after school and then often continue your workday even after you get home. Every once in awhile, you might actually get to eat during your lunchtime or plan during your planning period.

But above all, you inspire all students to reach their potential. You want them to be their best. You remind them to look at the key signature and time signature at every opportunity. You still are able to say, without losing your mind, that the quarter note gets the beat.

But then, when ‘that’ student finally ‘gets it’ or when the group of young adults perform in such a way that sends tingles up and down your spine because they played more than just the notes on the page, you know it is all worth it. That is your personal thanks.

You may think at certain times you are not appreciated but you are. Yes my friends, you are.

Have a wonderful day! You deserve it!

MakeMusic and the Educational Services Team




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