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Back to school season may feel a little different these past couple of years, but nothing has changed about our commitment to providing tools that keep all music educators and students connected and playing music all year long. While we’re always adding to SmartMusic’s suite of tools, discover how our unrivaled content library, when combined with our growing list of game-changing features, add up to being the single solution for teachers and students, whether instruction is taking place in person, at home, or in a hybrid scenario.

Unrivaled Content Library

The Challenge: As one of the most important aspects of being a music educator, repertoire selection requires having access to a wide variety of music, methods, and exercises to choose from. 

The Solution: With SmartMusic, teachers can assign music from an unrivaled content library, curated over many years, that includes no less than 175 method books for grades 3 – 12, thousands of Interactive exercises and ensemble and solo titles, and with brand new and exclusive content added each month. We partner with the industry’s leading educational publishers like Alfred Music, Kjos, FJH, Hal Leonard, and many others in continuing to add relevant content to the SmartMusic platform. Our new Digital Sheet Music Library includes over 13,000 view-only PDF titles, adding thousands of choral titles and introducing full scores to the library.

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Sight Reading Builder

The Challenge: Students are focusing more on individual skills and need an endless supply of fresh sight-reading examples to improve their reading.

The Solution: Sight Reading Builder empowers teachers to generate an infinite number of sight-reading exercises, customized for each of their students’ specific needs. With it, teachers can:

  • Quickly create content for individual students, common ensembles, and custom ensembles.
  • Select from ten predefined difficulty levels, or individually specify key signatures, time signatures, articulations, rhythmic patterns, ranges, and more.
  • Assign Sight Reading Builder content as an assignment and SmartMusic will generate a new exercise each time a student loads that assignment. Students can start an assignment as many times as they wish before submitting it, and they will always read a brand-new exercise.

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The Challenge: Not all students have personal devices and internet access, and students are spending too much time on their devices for remote education. 

The Solution: Users with Print add-ons are able to print from thousands of individual parts from the Interactive library, and all current content from the Digital Sheet Music Library. Print bridges the gap with students who don’t have a personal device or internet, allowing teachers to provide students with the music they otherwise may not be able to easily access online. Students can practice from a printed page, mitigating the amount of screen time they’re consuming while also building internal listening and assessment skills. They can then reinforce that practice within the SmartMusic Practice app, receive immediate feedback, and submit assignments for teacher assessment.

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Music Notation

The Challenge: While SmartMusic includes a massive music library, sometimes teachers wish to augment this library with original arrangements, compositions, or exercises.

The Solution: With the Compose tool, teachers can bring their own creations to life with the ability to create, edit, import, and share custom music notation XML files. Everything you produce, from a single line exercise to a full ensemble score, can be assigned to your classes with one click. Even more, you can use Compose to prompt composition projects and assignments, encouraging students to explore their own creative sides. 

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Engaging Student Practice

The Challenge: Teachers can’t always be present to encourage effective practice and ensure consistent progress with each student between lessons and rehearsals.

The Solution: SmartMusic’s Practice App facilitates immediate pitch and rhythm feedback, transforming practice from passive repetition to active learning. The metronome, tuner, looping, fingerings, and professionally-recorded accompaniments are all included to aid student progress. Plus, free experiences, courses, and lesson series such as Virtual Conductor with Brian Balmages, the Mark Wood Playbook, Compose YOURSELF!, and these free activities are offered to keep students engaged and motivated to play.

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Reliable Teaching Tools

The Challenge: Teachers need a way to track student progress and keep classes, grades, and performance metrics organized and secure.

The Solution: Teachers using SmartMusic can track student progress with the built-in Gradebook where they can access student recordings, assignments, performance scores, and practice analytics. Rubrics can be customized with criteria that matters for your curriculum, and assignments can be collected into units, then easily assigned to multiple classes. Additionally, SmartMusic is fully compliant with GDPR, FERPA, and COPPA laws, so you never have to worry about the security of your students’ data.

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Multi-Device Compatibility

The Challenge: Not all teachers and students have the same personal devices.

The Solution: Because it lives in the cloud, SmartMusic can be accessed from your desktop computer, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad. All you need is an internet connection and a login. Additionally, since SmartMusic is web-based, we’re able to refine, update, and add new features much more efficiently.

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Single Sign-On Access

The Challenge: Students have a hard time managing log in credentials for various EdTech tools, and often forget their passwords.

The Solution: SmartMusic has partnered with Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) to allow you and your students to access SmartMusic using single sign-on (SSO) through your LMS. Trusted by districts such as Los Angeles Unified School District and Prince William County Public Schools, GG4L’s School Passport 2.0 integration platform is the fastest and safest way for schools to share login information with edtech platforms like SmartMusic.

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Free Support & Training

The Challenge: With so much to offer, learning a new technology platform can be daunting.

The Solution: SmartMusic offers free online support to help get you and your students up and running in minutes. Find free resources in our Help Center, training courses at SmartMusic Academy, register for an upcoming webinar, or visit our blog for product updates and “how tos.”

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