Summer is gone, is my SmartMusic subscription gone too?

I can’t believe that the back-to-school season is here – I haven’t even been fishing yet. It feels like June was just yesterday.

If you’re like me, this time of year means big piles of paper, lots of emails to answer, phones ringing, and all sorts of chaos. To help, we’ve tried to make one aspect of this transition seamless for you.

We know that it’s not uncommon for district network staff to clean up your computers without you knowing about it. In the past, if this happened before you had a chance to remove your subscriptions, these subscriptions weren’t activated when you came back to school, and you’d have to call us to straighten things out. One more thing to do!

We’ve made several improvements to the SmartMusic activation server, including some to address this very issue. Today, if your computers are reimaged by your school, you can simply launch SmartMusic; we’ll see that it’s the same computer and automatically re-activate it for you!

Hopefully this does the trick for you. If not, drop us a quick line here using the same email address that you used to activate SmartMusic and we will get you up and running ASAP.

I hope the upcoming year is fruitful and filled with good music!

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