Sound Innovations : Book 1 Free in SmartMusic

Sound Innovations: Book 1 Free in SmartMusic

Sound Innovations has become an extremely popular method, due in part to its solid pedagogy, clear format, and availability in SmartMusic.

Now Sound Innovations, book 1 – for both concert band and string orchestra – is part of the repertoire included FOR FREE in SmartMusic.

If you or your colleagues are using Sound Innovations, book 1 and are not using SmartMusic, now’s the time to try them together at no cost to your or your students. Today every student can complete the book 1 assignments, even if both you and your students are using the free version of SmartMusic!

When students using SmartMusic for free receive your book 1 assignments in SmartMusic, they can:

  • Practice with accompaniment
  • Receive immediate feedback on the notes and rhythms they played correctly/incorrectly
  • Hear recordings of their performances for self-evaluation
  • Use SmartMusic’s other tools including metronome and tuner

In addition, you’ll be able to track your students’ progress as they play through Sound Innovations. You’ll get access to SmartMusic’s powerful assessment tools so that you can find the areas that need work, emphasize the curriculum that matters, and monitor student improvement.

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