SmartMusic Update Information


We understand that you’ve come to rely on SmartMusic not only to provide you and your students with a method for consistent practice, performance, and feedback, but also to help you save time and energy while performing some of the many tasks that come with administering your classroom and managing grades.

We’d like to take a moment to let you know about an upcoming update to SmartMusic that fixes a number of issues that have made it more difficult for you to run your classroom. Fixes and improvements include:

  • In Gradebook, the Grade column always displays an up-to-date student grade.
  • All Sight Reading and Sight Singing assignments now behave correctly for students.
  • Concert key and written key assignment controls are now available in the new SmartMusic exercises.
  • Print and Export reports now behave correctly, and display correct grades and class dates.
  • In Gradebook, clicking a student’s name opens that student’s record in the Class Roster.
  • Subscription renewal notifications in SmartMusic now correctly identify subscription end dates.
  • Educator’s class and grading period selections are retained when navigating Gradebook, the Assignment Inbox, and the Class Roster.
  • Numerous performance optimizations and speed enhancements.

This update will happen automatically, and does not require any action on your part.

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