SmartMusic Update April 2014

We want to let you know about the latest SmartMusic update that is scheduled to be released the evening of  Thursday, May 8.

What’s new

SmartMusic now updates automatically

  • You no longer need to re-download SmartMusic to install updates or a newer version. By default, SmartMusic is set up to automatically  install updates the next time you start the program.
  • If an update becomes available while you’re working with SmartMusic, an Update Available notification appears in the lower left corner of the program.


  •  If you are  unsure if the automatic update feature is on or want to turn it off, go to the help menu and select Check for Updates. From there, you will be able to choose your preference.


Look for these improvements

‘Takes’ using MP3 and Finale Created SmartMusic files

  • Saving ‘Takes’ using MP3 and Finale created SmartMusic files (SMP) now works properly.
  • Students will be able to save ‘Takes’ when doing assignments and submit their best work.

Practice time spent

  • The issue of practice times not accurately recording correctly in SmartMusic has been resolved.
  •  There is no issue with the SmartMusic iPad app.


We continue to improve SmartMusic so that you have the best experience possible in using it to help develop the skills your students need to perform music at the highest level.


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