SmartMusic Tips to Plan Ahead

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As an educator, you know that back to school time can be hectic and to plan ahead is a key to success.

Take advantage of these helpful hints and get started on that road to success with SmartMusic.

  • Did you know that next year’s calendar is already available? Just be sure to change the Academic year to 2014-2015.
  • Create your classes.
  • Add returning students by using SmartMusic’s re-enroll feature.
  • Encourage summer practice by creating a summer class.

Have a set of assignments that worked really well? Make them easily accessible next year by creating units.

  • Why create units? They help you group assignments for quicker access. Schedule them together, or individually, if you’d rather have independent scores and instructions.
  • Do you have a colleague who is just starting with SmartMusic? Help them get started by sharing your units with them. Learn about unit sharing here.

SmartMusic’s per-user subscription model makes it easier than ever to get a head start.

  • Access your subscription at home – just download SmartMusic to whichever device you need, log in and get going.
  • Think twice about those Practice Room subscriptions! When planning next year’s budget, remember that if all your students have home subscriptions they can access SmartMusic at home and school, which means you may not need a Practice Room subscription.

Remember to check your inbox over the summer for more SmartMusic tips to help you prepare for next school year.

Have a great summer!

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