SmartMusic Survey Results

We recently asked our educator customers to participate in a brief survey to help us better understand how they use SmartMusic in their programs. We had an overwhelming response and we thank all of you who took the time to give us your feedback. Below are some of the results we would like to share with you

























As part of the survey we held a drawing for an iPad and the winner is…..Susan Loy!


We asked Susan how she uses SmartMusic in her program. Here’s what she had to say:

I teach woodwinds and use SmartMusic in all level lessons, and also in my college level Woodwind Methods Classes. Not only does Smart Music provide motivation and fun in learning music, it also prepares students to become a more complete musician through its tools, exercises and accompaniments.

 I use SmartMusic in my lessons and classes in a variety of ways:

1) For the college students preparing recitals, we use it to practice rehearsing with the accompaniment.

2) I use it for ear training during lessons for all level students.

3) I use it to motivate students to learn classical literature and to understand how their part fits into the whole composition.

4) I use it in Woodwind Methods classes to show future teachers how they can employ it in their teaching; particularly with Elementary Classes. Typically they have to learn some of the solos and perform it with accompaniment.

5) Students going on to Band Festivals (District Band, Regional Band, State Band) often like to rehearse their parts with the full band accompaniment.

6) I’ve even used it in a College Level Music Appreciation course when students were learning recorder. I used a projector and had the music up on the screen so they could follow with the arrow while the accompaniment played.

Again, thank you to all who participated in our survey. We take your input very seriously and look forward to delivering on your needs.


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