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SM_New SM Update_blog_v2SmartMusic accelerates learning by providing students with immediate feedback and a vital connection with their teacher. For many educators, the benefits the program  offers are clear. What’s less clear is how to make the SmartMusic experience as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We’re creating  the new SmartMusic to help facilitate the participation of every music student. To that end, it will work on nearly any web-enabled device, including Chromebooks. It’s also priced to make full classroom coverage a reality. For just $399/year, the new SmartMusic includes access for up to 3 teachers and 50 students ( it’s also easy AND affordable to add additional teachers and students).

To be clear, this is not an update, it’s a completely new version of SmartMusic with unique benefits as well as many of the features found in the current SmartMusic. The new SmartMusic will be offered separately, alongside the current SmartMusic. This choice ensures that those of you already using the program needn’t experience any disruption at the busiest time of your year.

Beta testing on the new SmartMusic is now well underway. We are receiving valuable feedback daily from our beta testers, who are educators just like you! Great progress is being made and we remain confident of releasing the new SmartMusic in time for back-to-school 2016.

To help you decide which version you’ll use this fall, we’ve compiled some additional details and helpful resources at  at, including:

  • A feature-by-feature comparison between the current and new SmartMusic
  • A short video detailing how the new SmartMusic will be priced
  • A calculator to explore pricing for your program
  • A shareable one-page information sheet

Please check out these resources and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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