SmartMusic on an iPad?

I’m often asked, “Does SmartMusic run on an iPad?”

The answer is that it doesn’t at this time, but I’m always glad to forward requests that it do so in the future.

That said, while the SmartMusic gradebook wasn’t created with the iPad specifically in mind, it works. To try it out, simply go to and log in.

Now, from the comfort of the living room sofa (or your favorite coffee shop) you can review student assessments AND hear student recordings.

That’s right – hear student recordings! While the iPad doesn’t support the Flash technology the Gradebook typically uses for playback, there’s an easy work-around. To hear the recordings, click on any Submitted Recording icon (as you usually would). On the left side of the subsequent page, just beneath the music, is an MP3 button (circled in red below). Click it to play the recording. 

Again, imagine reviewing all your student’s assessment grades and recordings while sitting in a lawn chair enjoying a tropical breeze. (Your weather may vary. See your local climatologist for details.)

The portability of the iPad, combined with the SmartMusic gradebook, also inspires uses that might not occur to those using a desktop computer. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Want to periodically listen to students individually in class? Create a Gradebook Entry from the Class Page in the gradebook and enter the scores as you listen to each student. These grades become part of their total grade and you’ve had the chance to not only hear them live but also see their posture and other performance characteristics.
  2. You could also create a Gradebook Entry and have chair tests while recording the scores directly into the gradebook – all with the portability of an iPad.

Remember, you can access your gradebook anywhere that you have wireless internet connectivity by going to:

Please let us know how you’re using the SmartMusic gradebook on your iPad by clicking on “Comments” below.

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