SmartMusic Microphones

Do you need a SmartMusic microphone? It depends; many devices no longer require one. Check out the specifics below – you may already own everything you need!

New SmartMusic

If you’re using the new SmartMusic, an external microphone is generally not needed. In some instances, an external microphone may be helpful for positioning on select instruments. The new SmartMusic is calibrated to work really well with most built-in microphones, and our recommendation is to use the built-in mic first, and consider investing in a separate SmartMusic microphone only should individual circumstances arise.

Classic SmartMusic

If you’re using classic SmartMusic on an iPad, the built-in mic is preferred.

If you’re using the classic SmartMusic on a desktop or laptop computer, you will need a microphone, and SmartMusic is optimized to work best with SmartMusic microphones, which are relatively inexpensive.

We offer two SmartMusic microphones at the MakeMusic Store. To view them, select the SmartMusic Classic tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. Both are designed for use with a USB enabled device and include a ten-foot cable.

SmartMusic Microphones


The SmartMusic Instrumental Microphone includes a clip to be attached to your instrument, clothing or stand. It sells for $29.95.



SmartMusic Microphones


The SmartMusic Vocal Microphone includes a headset and sells for $34.95.



If you have any questions, check out our support options for both new and classic SmartMusic.

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