SmartMusic Launches Students-Only Facebook Page!

This blog, and our SmartMusic Facebook page, are focused on you — SmartMusic educators. Oddly enough, educators represent a minority of SmartMusic users: Students outnumber you by far. So it only makes sense that we should be in an online conversation with students, too. Maybe even give them a place to have fun, and connect with other students who share their passion for music.

Introducing I <3 SmartMusic, the new Facebook page that’s “only for the young, hip, and musically passionate.” (Don’t get why the “less-than” sign and a “3” are doing in the previous sentence? Before you give up and ask your texting-savvy students, try tipping your head to the right… and envision a heart! Now you’re with me.)

The page will feature plenty of drum corps content this summer, reflecting our exciting new partnerships with DCI, Michael McIntosh, and The Cavaliers. And over time, we’d like the page to reflect students’ wider musical interests — choral, band, orchestral, and beyond.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Videos (like the McIntosh “Epic Stick Tricks” series, updates from The Cavaliers, and more)
  • Student video uploads of their own killer performances
  • Video contests
  • Quizzes and prizes
  • Giveaways (cool SmartMusic swag)
  • Hot new artists
  • Accomplished musical groups

We hope to see lots of SmartMusic students over at the new page. After homework and practicing their music, of course.

(Hint: If kids have trouble finding it, you can advise them to type in Or simply search Facebook for “SmartMusic” — no spaces.)

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