SmartMusic Feature Friday: Zoom In and Out

Zoom in and out

In the SmartMusic Feature Friday post, we present tips and tricks that can help you use SmartMusic in the best ways possible!

On the desktop app, when a piece of repertoire is opened, the music is shown at a certain size on your screen. Perhaps you or a student would like the notation to be larger to make it easier to see. Using the Zoom feature, the size of the notation on the screen is easily changed.

Head to the SmartMusic main Menu and select View. There you will see Zoom In and Zoom Out. Notice the shortcut commands for these: (Mac-Command  +) (PC-Control  +) for Zoom In and (Mac-Command  -) (PC-Control  -) for Zoom Out. The plus sign equals larger notation and the minus sign equals smaller notation. These shortcuts are similar to other computer programs and using them makes the process of changing views very quick. You can even try these shortcuts with your internet browser right now!


Zoom In-Out Red Box


Looking at the above menu, also notice that you can select the music to display full screen or not. If the music is being displayed in Full Screen mode and you would like to be able to get to your desktop, select Full Screen again to uncheck it. The screen will resize. Again, knowing the shortcut makes it a snap. Think “F” for Full.


Full Screen Checked


Remember you can always access Help from the main SmartMusic menu.

We hope you find these tips useful!

The MakeMusic Educational Services Team





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