SmartMusic Feature Friday: Setting Up Summer Classes

Setting Up Summer SmartMusic Classes

In today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn about setting up summer classes.

  • SmartMusic summer classes can be set up for beginner programs, lessons, marching band or even a “SmartMusic Pilot” class to practice scheduling assignments to students.
  • By using the Re-enroll students option, students  can automatically be enrolled in your summer class from existing classes and you can add any enrolled student to any class for the next school year.

To create a summer class, go to the SmartMusic HOME screen and click on the ADD button.

Picture 1 

School, Class and Grading

  • Select your school.
  • Name your summer session class.
  • Click “ADD” next to the Grading calendar pop up menu.

Picture 2 

Create Grading Calendar

  • For Type:  Summer Session
  • Grading Calendar Name:  Add “Summer Session” to name.
  • New calendars require unique names.
  • Name your summer class.
  • Set the start and end dates for your summer session.
  • Click “OK”.

Picture 3


Here is the finished result.

Picture 4 

Click Create Class and that’s all there is to it. You have completed all the steps needed to set up your summer session and are ready to schedule assignments and enroll students. Use the powerful features of SmartMusic throughout the year!

I hope you find this useful. Leave a comment or question by clicking the “Comments” link below.

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