SmartMusic Feature Friday: Import MP3 Files

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_EditableIn today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn how to import MP3 files into SmartMusic. Once an MP3 is in your SmartMusic library, you can practice or assign the MP3. This feature tremendously expands the possibilities of using SmartMusic in your curriculum.

After an MP3 file is imported into SmartMusic, you can do the following:

  • Play it at various tempos without changing key
  • Transpose to other keys
  • Loop a selected region
  • Create assignments to students with your required settings

To import an MP3, click on the MP3 Audio Files menu on the left side of the SmartMusic screen.

Picture 1

The MP3 Audio Files window opens.  Click on the IMPORT button.

Picture 2

Locate your MP3 and select it by double clicking on the file name or clicking the Open button.

Picture 3

A window appears to let you know that your file was successfully imported Click OK.  Next, double click on the imported MP3 to open.

Picture 4

The MP3 is now available for:

  • Start Take (record and playback)

  • My Takes

  • Tempo adjustment

  • Location and looping options

  • Assignments

  • Transposing the key of the recording

Picture 5

If you need help to import your music from a CD, just click on the link on the right side of this window. This link takes you to the SmartMusic online help.

Picture 6

Click on the following links for more step-by-step instructions from SmartMusic’s online help:

It’s that easy to add MP3’s to your SmartMusic library! You now have the ability to use the powerful practice features in SmartMusic for repertoire that is not currently in the library.

Also consider that you can also use MP3 files that you create. For example, create a practice file that focuses on a particular technique or concept (tone quality) that your students can use as a model. (Use SmartMusic’s built in digital recorder in the Practice Tools.) Leave space so students can record themselves performing the technique and then compare it to the model.

By the way, when you schedule an MP3 assignment to your students, the MP3 is automatically included as part of the SmartMusic assignment which is an easy way to distribute the file to students.


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