SmartMusic Feature Friday: Creating Units

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_EditableIn today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn about creating units. Units can be created from any kind of repertoire and are a great way to organize, save and share your SmartMusic assignments. 

  • Units are a “bundled” group of assignments and are scheduled with the same set of instructions, grading points and due dates.
  • Each assignment within a unit can be also scheduled independently.
  • Units are automatically saved in your personal library and are available to be scheduled again.
  • Units can be shared with your school district and state colleagues.

Some uses for units:

  • If you use certain method book lines each year for evaluations, create a unit that contains those exercises so you can easily assign them each year.
  • Create a unit that includes scales, technical exercises and play be ear exercises based on repertoire students are learning.
  • Many teachers create units that contain exercises on a concept (i.e. dotted quarter-eighth) from the different method books that are in the SmartMusic library.

Create a SmartMusic Unit

1.  Open any SmartMusic repertoire (Method Books for this example).

 Picture 1

2. Open the music and click on the Assignment button.

Picture 2

3. Do not enter student instructions, assessment points or dates at this time. Instead, click on +Add to unit.

Picture 3 

4. In the Add Assignment to Unit window, type the name of your new unit and click on the CREATE button.  Then, click the ADD button.

Picture 4 

5.  In the Assignment Added to Unit screen, either click the CLOSE  button and add more assignments to your unit, or click the VIEW ASSIGNMENT LIBRARY button to schedule or share units.

Picture 5

6. To schedule a unit, click on the SCHEDULE button to the right of the unit.

Picture 6 

Look at the Assignment window below.  The “Unit for Bb Studies” includes these three assignments.  The entire unit is scheduled with the same instructions, assessment points and due dates.

Picture 7 

Units in your SmartMusic Personal Library can be shared with other teachers with SmartMusic Educator subscriptions in your school district and your state by clicking on the Share icon.  For instance, you could share common assessments between schools in your district to coordinate curriculum goals.

Picture 8 

SmartMusic units are easy to create, can have many uses for you personally in your day to day teaching responsibilities and can be easily shared.

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