SmartMusic Feature Friday: Create a Playlist

Feature Friday_How to Create a Playlist

This week’s SmartMusic Feature Friday post is about how to create a Playlist. You can group  various types of repertoire together in one place and have the titles ready to open without searching for them.  Any music that can be opened in SmartMusic can be added to a playlist. This includes MP3 files and Finale created SmartMusic files (SMP).

Possible uses:

  • Group all the movements of a solo together.
  • Create a playlist with a concert title your group is working on, related scale exercises, a Finale created SmartMusic file (SMP) of rhythms from the selected literature and an MP3 recording of a piece for your students for listening purposes.
  • As you download pieces of repertoire that you want to consider for your group, put them into a playlist that you can access anytime.

To create a Playlist:

  • The repertoire needs to be first downloaded to your computer.
  • MP3 files and  SMP files need to be imported into SmartMusic.
  • Click New Playlist on the left Navigation Panel and name it.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_05-36-52_PM

To add repertoire:

  • Select the repertoire you want to add. (Recently Played Playlist My Library, any sub-category under My Library)
  • Click and drag the title into your newly created playlist as shown below.

Voila_Capture 2014-05-28_05-50-23_PM

  • To see what is in the playlist, select the playlist with the cursor.
  • Tip: To rearrange the order of the pieces in the list, select the title of the piece, then click and drag it to the desired position.
  • To open the playlist,  just double-click on its name. The first piece will automatically be displayed and the rest of the repertoire in the list can be easily selected.

In the following example, the Playlist contains a band concert piece, a method book scale, an SMP file, a Rhythm Exercise and an MP3 recording. (Notice the shortcuts.)

Voila_Capture 2014-05-29_02-57-11_PM

As you can see, playlists are easy to create and have many uses. To learn more about Playlists, click here.

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