A SmartMusic Easter Egg Hunt

Eggs 2Most middle and high school students are too old for Easter egg hunts — we just wish they were too old for the candy too! This year, make your students earn their sugar-high. Before they go nuts on sugar-covered marshmallow animals and chocolate eggs, have them go on an old-fashioned egg hunt in SmartMusic.

We’ve given one SmartMusic piece some special Easter flair by replacing the usual noteheads with Easter eggs and smiley faces. It’s hidden somewhere in the thousands of pieces in the SmartMusic library — a perfect excuse to go hunting through the catalog and add a few things for future (or present) practice. And if nothing else, at least students will have actually thought about practicing before slipping into their sugar comas.

You might consider making it a contest among your students; awarding whoever finds it first with extra credit, special privileges, or (if you have extra you need to get rid of) some candy. One hint to get you and your students started — the piece is definitely Easter-themed (and it isn’t the music pictured above).

Good luck! If you find it, be sure to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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