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Have you ever contacted a software manufacturer for technical support?

Once you described the problem did they immediately ask you seemingly unrelated personal questions, like, “What kind of computer/processor/soundcard do you have?”

Did it seem like they were talking about everything BUT the problem?

That was how it used to feel to me when I was asked those questions. Since joining MakeMusic, my understanding of the importance of these questions has changed, and I’d like to share my experience with you.

I’ve learned, firsthand, how software that works perfectly on my computer can work differently on a computer of the same type because it is configured in a slightly different manner. Different drivers or soundcards, let alone operating systems, processors, or computers, can produce drastically different results. SmartMusic is not unique in this; this is the case with software in general.

Should you ever have to contact my friends who offer SmartMusic support, providing the following information can be mutually beneficial:

  1. Computer type, processor speed, RAM, and operating system. Here’s where to find that info:• Macintosh: From the Apple menu choose About This Mac.
    • Windows: From the Start menu choose Control Panel > System.
  2. Describe the problem in detail, as well as what you’ve already tried.
  3. If you’ve received an error message, include the specific message.

My experience, with a variety of software companies, is that taking this time up front saves you time in the end. I hope you never have to contact support, at MakeMusic or anywhere else, but if you do I hope this helps.

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