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Our Customer Support team fields all kinds of questions; not all are about how to use SmartMusic. For example, we frequently receive accounting and purchasing questions.

It’s not unusual to receive a call from a school’s purchasing office after they’ve received an invoice and would like some clarification as to what SmartMusic is. (The term “subscription” tends to evoke thoughts of magazines!)

Should similar questions occur on your end, it can be very helpful to know how the school purchasing process works. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. You send us a purchase order and SmartMusic order form.
  2. Our Customer Support team places your order and it is shipped out within a business day.
  3. Our accounting department prints an invoice and mails it to your billing address within a week or so.
  4. Typically your purchasing department confirms with you that you’ve received your order.
  5. Your purchasing department sends a check to our accounting department.
  6. Our accounting department closes your order and cashes the check.

Occasionally some variable can toss a monkey wrench in the works. It might be a state-specific sales tax issue or a misplaced document. Please know that you can always get invoice copies at This can be very helpful when your billing office receives a statement and needs a copy of an invoice that might have accidentally been buried in a giant pile of some unnamed band director’s end-of-the-year papers.

I’ll end with a tip: If you have several subscriptions and they renew at different times of the year, contact our Customer Support team and we’ll help you get everything lined up in the future.

Have any billing-related (or other questions)? Share them with us by clicking on the “Comments” button below.

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