SmartMusic 2012a is here. Do you need it?

SmartMusic 2012a is here. If you don’t plan to create SmartMusic accompaniments with Finale 2012, you don’t need the SmartMusic update. No action is required: you’re off the hook.

If you create SmartMusic accompaniments with Finale 2011 or earlier versions of Finale, you don’t need SmartMusic 2012a either.

If, however, you’d like to create SmartMusic accompaniments with Finale 2012, you will need to use Finale 2012a AND SmartMusic 2012a, and both “a” updates are now available.

That said, there is one very compelling reason to create SmartMusic accompaniments in Finale 2012a: this is the first version of Finale to create SmartMusic accompaniments that support vocal assessment. If you’d like to create accompaniments and assignments for your vocal students, Finale 2012a is the ticket.

Don’t own Finale 2012 yet? You can download the free trial and use it to create SmartMusic accompaniments for 30 days – for free.

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