SmartMusic 2011 is here!

Cue the trumpets – SmartMusic 2011 is now available for immediate download. I am very excited about this new version, because I think it includes improvements that will result in an even wider acceptance of SmartMusic among students and teachers.

Just as any band director or musician can always find things they can improve upon past performances, SmartMusic’s development team studied what could be improved in SmartMusic. Working in cooperation with many SmartMusic teachers and students, SmartMusic 2011 was an unbelievable cooperative effort. The results not only look great, and better leverage current technology, the interface is also much clearer, consistent, and easy for anyone to use.

Of course, I want you to explore SmartMusic 2011 on your own but let me just highlight a few new features.

Below is the new Control Bar. Besides the new look (which in my opinion is pretty cool), notice how easy it is to access the different features. You might ask “What does Start take mean?” or “Where’s the Record button?” Well, you no longer have to select “Record” to record. Pressing “Start take” not only starts the music but also records the performance.

The Practice Tools have also been redesigned. Instead of accessing each component separately they all appear together:

Furthermore, the tuner is detachable and a tuning note can be selected from the drop-down menu:

The early reaction I’ve heard from teachers about SmartMusic 2011 has been very positive. I keep hearing comments like:

  • I like the looks of it. My students will too!
  • It just seems even easier to use.
  • What an incredible upgrade.

Here are a few specific quotes from SmartMusic Advocate Art Greenburg:

“Happy to see that there is now an option to turn off the question about using a drum pad for drum parts!”

“My greatest compliments to to the programming staff. I love, really love the fact that now you can isolate a few measures on a line in the lesson books to practice. Just as I suggested. This is going to really help improve my teaching time. Rather than have to restart the line, now we can work on the rough spots.”

In an upcoming blog I’ll show you some of the exciting changes in creating and sending assignments.

Hopefully you will be as excited about SmartMusic 2011 as we are. Please let us know what you think by clicking on “Comments” below, and have a great school year!

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