SmartMusic 1.2 for iPad

As you may have seen, we recently announced an update to our SmartMusic app for the iPad.  The new version (1.2) adds support for some of the most popular SmartMusic assignment types as well as some additional features mentioned in our previous blog post. I’m writing today to answer a couple questions related to the assignment functionality in this release as well as to provide an update on a small defect in the 1.2 release.

First, let’s talk about assignments. You may have already discovered by reading the App Store description of the 1.2 version or by trying it out yourself, not all assignment types are supported in the iPad app. With this version, supported assignment types include:

  • Ensemble content
  • Exercises
  • Jazz improv exercises
  • Method books
  • Solos with notation

We know that more assignment types are used, but don’t you worry – we’re not done yet! I can’t say too much at this point about the functionality of the next version of SmartMusic for the iPad, but what we are currently working on might just rhyme with “sight-reading support” and “access to full SmartMusic library of solo content”.

Anyway, about that small bug I mentioned. It turns out that some users are experiencing a “Missing License Info” error when opening up titles that were downloaded prior to updating to the 1.2 version. The simple (but annoying) fix should you encounter this error is to simply delete the title and download it again.  Or if you prefer, you can delete the entire app and reinstall. We are working on a fix for this right now, and expect to have an update available in the App Store within the next week.

-Michael Williamson, SmartMusic Senior Product Manager

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