Scheduling SmartMusic Assignments from a Unit

In my last post we discussed how to group SmartMusic assignments together as a unit. Today we’ll assign a unit.

To do so, get to your Home screen, select the class you want to send the unit to, then click “Assignment Library” at the bottom right of your screen to arrive at your personal library.

Notice the top item listed is our unit name: “Holst Suite in Eb Study Unit.” The triangle to the left of the name hides/shows all the assignments included in this unit. To assign any individual assignment, simply click the adjacent “Schedule” button. For this example we will assign the entire unit, so click the top “Schedule” button and you’ll arrive here:

Note that all the assignments of this unit are listed above. Any instructions you enter will be added to the existing instructions for each assignment. Note that the point values for assessment and recording evaluation will be the same for each assignment in this unit; the dates will be the same as well.

Once you complete the assignment details, click “Assign to” to choose the classes or students to which you wish to assign this unit, and you’re done!

The assignments will be listed individually in that class’ gradebook:

Remember, units can be used for whatever purpose that you want. The unit description could include when the unit is typically scheduled during the year, and for what type and level of ensemble.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how unit assignments work and how you might use this time-saving feature as part of your teaching. Check out our QuickStart Video entitled Assignment units and assignment library for more details.

Have any questions about assignment units, your personal library, or any other aspect of SmartMusic? Let me know by click on the “Comments” button below.

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