Printing Repertoire lists in SmartMusic

Want to see a list of specific repertoire available in SmartMusic?

Within SmartMusic, simply click on Find Music. Here you can search for whatever you’d like, whether it’s all vocal solos, a state contest list, or anything else.

Occasionally, however, I need a printed copy. There’s something about having a piece of paper in my hand (and a cup of coffee in the other) that can stimulate my thought process.  At this point in time, the search results in SmartMusic are not printable, but you can print search results from the SmartMusic website.

To do so, go to, click on Find Music, and choose the search that fits your needs:

Press “find” and the results will be presented in a new window:

If there is more than one page of results, you can navigate between them using the page numbers on the bottom right of the window. To print the list, choose “print results” on the lower left.

When you do, another window appears listing your titles in alphabetical order, with additional information listed under each title:

If you’d like to hide this additional information in your printout, simply click “Collapse All” at the top of the page.  To complete the process select Print, also found at the top of the page.

I think SmartMusic represents a great resource when selecting music for your students: The ability to immediately hear and see the music has undoubtedly saved me time and money.

Please let us know how the search for music is working for you by clicking on “Comments” below.

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