Print on Demand Is Here

print on demand is here

Please Note: As of August 1, 2021, Print is only accessible to users with Print add-ons. Learn more.

Our goal at SmartMusic is to provide solutions for every learning situation that music teachers and students are faced with this school year. Whether your instruction will take place online, in person, or a little of both, we’re here to ensure that music making continues, no matter what.

We’re excited to announce that, for the first time ever, any user with Print add-ons now has the ability to print thousands of educational titles at no additional cost for the coming U.S. academic year. 

This game-changing new feature includes a selection of the most widely-used method books from key music education publishers, such as Sound Innovations and Accent on Achievement from Alfred Music, Tradition of Excellence and Standard of Excellence from Neil A. Kjos Music Company, and Measures of Success from FJH Music Company Inc.

The Power of Print on Demand

While SmartMusic has been best known for its powerful suite of web-based tools that support efficient practice and student accountability, we remain committed to offering music teachers and students the best learning solutions, for all instructional settings. Inspired by the overwhelming response after providing SmartMusic for free to all schools affected by COVID-19 closures, we’ve added yet another powerful tool to the SmartMusic platform—Print on Demand.

Increased accessibility

The reality is that many students currently do not have access to a personal device—some have to share a device, or may have unreliable internet at home for accessing SmartMusic. Teachers will now be able to bridge that gap by taking advantage of the Print on Demand feature to provide students with the music they otherwise may not be able to easily access online.

Every learner has their own style

While SmartMusic undoubtedly offers the best digital tools and solutions including immediate feedback, Sight Reading Builder, the Compose notation tool, looping, a metronome, and tuner, having the option to print music gives every student an opportunity to excel regardless of their learning style. Playing from a printed page also allows students an opportunity to build their own listening and internal assessment skills, complementing SmartMusic’s built-in performance assessment.

Same level of practice, less screen time 

Teachers and parents have expressed increasing concern over the amount of screen time kids are experiencing due to remote learning. Playing off of a printed page eliminates this issue when it comes to students’ independent practice time, as well as the potential for other distractions on the computer. The new Print on Demand feature brings an element of the classroom to students’ at-home practice. Teachers can encourage students to physically mark up their scores with personal notes, highlights, breath marks, or additional cues, all of which also support the cognitive benefits of handwriting tied to memory. They can then reinforce that practice within the SmartMusic Practice app, receive immediate feedback, and submit assignments for teacher assessment. 

How does it work?

  1. In Find Music, users can filter by Printable Titles to view the full list of titles that allow for the Print on Demand feature.
  2. Select a piece, and open it in the Practice App to view printing options.
  3. There are two options for printing your part as found in the top Print menu—SmartMusic Display and Custom Display. The SmartMusic Display option will print the default display as it appears in the Practice App, while the Custom Display allows for resizing of the music on the page to fit your visual needs. You can resize the music under the Display tab.
  4. Click either the SmartMusic Display or Custom Display button to generate a document to print.

Schools wanting to provide Print add-ons to their teacher and student subscriptions can generate a free quote here.

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