Opening Files in SmartMusic 2010

At the beginning of last week wrote about the process of selecting solo accompaniments in SmartMusic 2010, and I briefly touched up opening repertoire at that time. Today I’d like to review that topic in a little more depth.

For an example, I’ve launched SmartMusic, clicked on the big “Solos” button, specified “Flute,” then navigated to page 2 where I’ve chosen “Rubank Book of Flute Solos (Intermediate).”

In this case, I have selected a book that contains several solos. Upon choosing “Menuet From Platee,” that selected solo now appears in bold letters, with some details below:

Look just under the title for “Composer/Composition Notes.” This is wonderful feature that was somewhat hidden in previous versions of SmartMusic.

Click on “Composer” to see this:

Click on “Composition Notes” and the following information will be displayed:

How about that! Students have access to information that can help them have a deeper appreciation and knowledge of the music. I believe this is important in the concept of comprehensive musicianship.

By closing the composer/composition Notes and selecting Open, the chosen file will be immediately downloaded to your computer and then opened in SmartMusic. If you wish to continue browsing solos without immediately opening the file, select the Download for Later option. The music will be downloaded to your computer while your search is continued.

To find the music you downloaded, go to the Home screen and beneath My Music, select Solos. In the case of a compilation, all solos in the entire book are downloaded.

After the music is opened in SmartMusic, you can easily find it by selecting “Recently Played” under “My Music”:

Please let me know if you have any questions about opening or finding music in SmartMusic 2010.

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