October 2019 Repertoire Update: Seasonal Music!

October 2019 Repertoire Update: Seasonal Music!

Within new SmartMusic is an “Essential Content” library that is available to everyone, even students using SmartMusic for free. It contains exercises, sight-reading tools, select state scales, and Sound Innovations, book 1 for both band and orchestra. 

Also included are a handful of solos and large ensemble pieces. These allow everyone to experience how SmartMusic can transform the way students interact with both ensemble and solo music.

Just as we did this past January, April, and July, we have again updated this library to keep things fresh. This month we’ve added seasonal music that your students will enjoy performing at the end of this month as well as through December. For example, two solo collections are included: Spooky Solos and Classic Holiday Solos. Also added are seasonal ensemble titles for band, orchestra, choir, and jazz ensemble. 

See the Oct 2019 additions to the free library.

Experience SmartMusic Seasonal Music with One Click

We’re also making a subset of these seasonal music titles available to everyone; even folks who haven’t signed up for SmartMusic for free. Want to try SmartMusic from the student perspective? Simply click on one of the titles below – you’ll find yourself in the new SmartMusic, where you can play that selected title. (Here are some tips for playing and practicing with SmartMusic.)





But I Already Have SmartMusic!

If you already have new SmartMusic, this may not seem of interest to you. However, these titles make it easy for you to share the idea of SmartMusic with others.

You might send a link to a specific piece to a parent, student, administrator, or fellow educator; anyone who might be interested in what SmartMusic offers, but for whom signing up for a free trial might have felt like an obstacle in the past.

SmartMusic provides great repertoire – and so much more. Try SmartMusic for free today.

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