New Tuner in SmartMusic

tuner in smartmusic

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new SmartMusic Tuner! 

Just in time for the school year, we revamped our tuner into something more robust for our users. We carefully tracked user feedback from our NPS surveys and feature forum to help us shape the most important features to add. It was very clear that you wanted faster and easier access to the tuner and a reference pitch for tuning. To expand access even more, we made it smartphone compatible!

How does it work on Desktop/iPad? 

You can access the Tuner at any time from our NavBar. Simply click on the Tuner Icon.

In the Tuner, you can:

  • Select or change your instrument 
  • Playback/Stop the reference pitch
  • Adjust the reference pitch in half steps

If you have a transposing instrument, it will also display your transposed pitch:

How do I know when I’m in tune and ready to practice and record in SmartMusic?

The coloring is simple and easy to understand: 

Green = +/- 0-5 cents ✅

Orange = +/- 6-20 cents 

Red = +/- 21-50 cents

How does it work on iPhone/Android?

For students that have an iPhone, open Safari and go to

For users on Android, open Chrome and go to 

The functionality is the same and to work best on a smaller screens, you can toggle between the Tuner and Reference Pitch as seen below:

With the expanded device access and features, use the SmartMusic tuner at any time and anywhere you need!

Happy Tuning and Practicing!

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