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Carosel at TOP 700

Today we are excited to release a completely new look for SmartMusic home page. The top of the new page, seen above, features a rotating (and frequently changing) carousel. Our intent is to draw students’ attention to music in SmartMusic that may be of interest to them. In fact, inspiring students to explore SmartMusic content (and practice more) is the driving force behind this update.

Below the carousel we’ve placed select SmartMusic titles into 15 genres, from Rock and Masterworks to Cinematic Sound and Pirates:

Genres 2

When you select any of these genres (as I’ve done with Musicals above) you’ll see several related titles, and, in a glance at the upper right corner of each piece, the JW Pepper skill level associated with that piece:

Musicals 2The JW Pepper skill level abbreviations are: B (Beginning), VE (Very Easy),  E (Easy), ME (Medium Easy),
M (Medium), MA (Medium Advanced), A (Advanced), and NR (Not Rated).

In addition to giving students more ways to explore new music, we hope this interface will also be useful to you as you seek out music to engage your students. To be clear, these genres are just a subset of all the music included with SmartMusic, which can still be found by clicking on “Find Music” or “Browse All Music.”

Even though the appearance of the home page has changed, rest assured your students’ assignments remain easily assessable under “classes” on the bottom left side of the page (as seen below):

Classes 2

Have any questions, reactions, or concerns surrounding the new home page? Please let us know by clicking on “Comments” below.

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