New SmartMusic Feature Added in Finale!

New SmartMusic Feature in Finale!

Today MakeMusic released Finale v26.1, a free-of-charge update for all owners of Finale version 26. Among other improvements, it debuts a new feature that converts classic SmartMusic SMP and SMPX files into a format that can be used with new SmartMusic.

Read on to learn how this Finale feature helps classic SmartMusic users transfer accompaniments they’ve created into new SmartMusic.

New Feature: SmartMusic File Conversion

For years, only Finale could create files that could be read by classic SmartMusic. These files were called SMP (and later) SMPX files. Today, new SmartMusic can open MusicXML files created by hundreds of music software products, but it does not read older SMP or SMPX files.

Have an older Finale file you want to use in new SmartMusic? No problem: simply save it as a MusicXML file, and you can open it in new SmartMusic. Some SmartMusic users, however, have old SMP and SMPX files, and no longer have access to their source Finale files.

In anticipation of classic SmartMusic’s retirement on August 31, 2020, Finale v26.1 can now convert these older SMP and SMPX files to a new file type (SMZ) that can be read by new SmartMusic.

The process is very simple and can apply to a single file or an entire folder of files. See a sneak peek of how it works near the end of this SmartMusic webinar video, already in progress:

Try It Out

You can try this file conversion feature – and everything else added in Finale v26 – for free for 30 days. Download the free trial.

Ready to switch to new SmartMusic? Get a quote.

Save on Finale v26

If you own Finale v26, the update is free. If you don’t own Finale, or own a previous version of Finale or select other Finale-family products, you can save on v26 for a limited time:

  • Purchase Finale for the first time for $249
  • Upgrade from any previous version of Finale, Allegro, or PrintMusic for $99

To enjoy this sale pricing, visit the Finale store and use promo code FINALE261 at checkout.

But don’t delay. This offer expires 11:59 PM EDT, May 20, 2019, and is valid only in the US.

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