Music Showcased at the 2017 Midwest Clinic

Music Showcased at the 2017 Midwest Clinic

The 71st Annual Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra, and Music Conference takes place in Chicago this week, December 20-23, 2017.

This conference originated in 1946 as means to provide directors with an opportunity to discover new repertoire. Today it offers more than 40 concerts, 90 clinics, and 400 exhibitors and remains a great way to discover new music.

Music Performed at the Midwest Clinic

If you’re attending Midwest this year with the idea of listening for new music to perform, we have good news. Much of what you will hear performed there is already in SmartMusic, and even more is coming soon.

We’ve compiled a list of 57 titles, found in SmartMusic, that will be performed at Midwest this year. Plus we’d included six more that will be added in the next month or so. With choices from composers ranging from Anderson, Leroy to Zachary Smith, there’s a lot for every program to be found here.

SmartMusic Titles Performed at Midwest 2017

We hope this helps simplify the decision of what music to play next year. After all, we’re here to help.

Looking for Something Else?

We invite you to explore the extensive SmartMusic Repertoire Library and/or request additional titles you’d like us to add.

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