Music Ed Mentor Podcast Bonus Episode: Introducing the Virtual Honor Band

Music Ed Mentor Podcast Bonus Episode: Introducing the Virtual Honor Band

Performing in an honor band is a wonderful adventure. While every student should get a chance to experience the joy of collaborating with a new group of musicians in this way, several barriers, including travel, can prevent them from doing so. Until now. Today every connected band student in the world has an opportunity to participate in an honor band. Introducing the IMES Virtual Honor Band, where it’s all done online.

Using SmartMusic for free, students audition online. They participate in virtual rehearsals and submit their best performances to be incorporated into a completely new piece of work. 

Did I mention it’s all free? To learn more, join me and my guest Michelle Rose, for this week’s short, bonus podcast, all about the Virtual Honor Band.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Virtual Honor Band is a great extension opportunity for your students
  • They will connect with students around the world
  • The Virtual Honor Band’s performance will premiere at the Instrumental Congress + Clinic 

How Can My Kids Participate in the Virtual Honor Band?

Encourage your students to sign up for the Virtual Honor Band. The audition deadline is November 30, 2019, so now’s a great time to get started. Check out this page to learn more and sign up.

We’ve all experienced how social media and 24/7 connectivity can make people feel disconnected or jaded. This is a great opportunity to turn that around and use technology to introduce students to a positive, world-wide collaboration.

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Elisa Janson Jones

An experienced K8 music educator, Elisa Janson Jones specializes in helping music educators build, manage, and grow thriving school music programs and have long and happy careers. She holds a bachelor of music from Brigham Young University and a master of business administration from Western Governors University. Elisa uses her vast and diverse skillset to help nonprofits, businesses, and music educators around the world. She serves as conductor of her local community band, a columnist for SBO Magazine, and maintains a private lesson studio. Elisa is a nationally-recognized speaker, the host and producer of the Music Ed Mentor Podcast, founder of the International Music Education Summit, and author of The Music Educator’s Guide to Thrive.

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