Music Ed Mentor Podcast Ep. 95: Recovering Your Student Leadership

student leadership

As most of us in the U.S. are headed into a new school year, I want to be sure to give you some of the information you may not be getting anywhere else, and this episode is no exception! Many of our educator friends have noticed how their students have fallen away—not connecting in the ways we’re used to. Enrollment numbers are down, and many student leadership groups have been defunct since schools shut down in March of 2020. How can we reconnect with these students, and more importantly, help them connect with returning and new students, too? 

My guest on today’s episode, Myra Rhoden, is the founder of the Athena Girls Music Leadership Camp, and today we discuss ways to activate your student leaders. We also take some time to talk about how we can support our girl leaders, because it can be challenging for girls—especially to be seen as authority figures, and especially to upperclassmen of the opposite gender. We’re going to dive into the #1 thing you can do to help them be the leaders you know they need to be.

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